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Let’s not get caught in the trap of believing that after the clock strikes midnight on January 1, that our lives will automatically reset and our new life will begin. Let’s also not get caught in the trap of believing that we will be in the proper frame of mind to execute on those goals we’ve been trying to tackle for so long. The key to success for any goal is to first write it down and then plan it out. I have seen success after success since I started

In December 2013, I wrote my goals and objectives for myself and my company so that we could be better positioned in our industry as well as in the mind’s of our audience. I knew that getting some major media exposure was going to be key, so one of my very first objectives was to get at least 1 major media hit in Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise or Toronto Life by December 2014. To be honest, somewhere after March 2014, I was no longer consistent with carrying out the tactics I

Ask anybody who has achieved their goals in life and they’ll tell you that it wasn’t an easy road. I think too many of us face struggles and challenges on the way to achieving our dreams and we let it deter us and force us to walk away from the lives we desire and that’s because we walk into our dream with an expectation that everything will fall into our lap tomorrow, when the reality is that you have to work your butt off before you even begin to see

It makes me angry how men try to take advantage of women sometimes. I’ve had so many encounters where men either undermine my knowledge or my abilities. This scenario was one where I was looking for an investor for my cultural inspirational line of T’s. After several meetings – we finally had a contract – we met to discuss and go over it and that was when he placed his hand on my knee saying: “the terms can be better if you really wanted it to be.” I was in disbelief and like

For most of this year, I’ve been exhausted by the whole ‘self-help’ movement. I feel like a lot of us have been communicating the same messages about having high self-esteem and be yourself, and confidence is key and YOU CAN DO IT! and blah blah blah and I guess there are still people out there that need this type of positive reinforcement, especially the generation behind me; but I wonder how much is it really helping people? The first time this feeling struck me was in 2012; I saw Oprah

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