Plant Today, Reap Tomorrow

It’s easy to become discouraged when you put in hard work every day to achieve your dreams, but sometimes what we consider as hard work, is just the tip of the ice berg of our victory and if you want to achieve all your hearts desires, you just have to keep going. Get up the next day and continue to ‘plant your seeds’ by doing the work you do and then ending the day with the faith that your day is coming when you will reap the harvest and fruits of your labour.

In the end you come to realize that the daily work that you put in, while it did not produce much if any results that day, it was instrumental in the building of your future. So a good hard days works might not show any promising rewards, but when it does, you can look back on the accumulation of success through each day and feel overjoyed about what you’ve accomplished.

Plant Seeds

There Is More Where That Came From

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