My Story

Business and working consumed my life to a point where it was all I knew. Socializing? Love life? Vacation? What was that?

Then one day I looked around and didn’t recognize my life. Who’s life is this? Where is my husband? Where are my kids? I love to travel, but when is the last time I went anywhere? I love nice clothing and shoes, but haven’t worn more than tights and loose tops over the years.  My life and my world were reduced to what I could see and access from behind my desk; through the lens of my computer and through the scope of the world wide web.

What’s worse is that I can’t even say I have much to show for my 12 years in business. I’m not a millionaire yet and neither are any of my clients. But I learned that’s what you get when you try to create Starbucks campaigns on Tim Horton’s budget. What I do have are invaluable skills and talent, but applying great skill and talent on a small budget, is equivalent to putting a bird in a cage. Even though it can spread its wings, it can only fly so far, if anywhere at all.

As 2016 was closing, I decided 2017 was going to be the year that I turned things around. I started on January 1, 2017 by getting closer to God. I joined The 180 Church and immersed myself in it; signing up for home groups and serve team and participating in activities outside of Sunday service. I wanted to reset my life and put God first. Even though I had read and studied the Bible for years and spent time in and out of various churches and religions, I needed to firm up my relationship with Him for the latter half of my life. I needed to rebuild my house on a rock.

I also had to give up certain people and habits and rediscover who I was without their influence. Learn who I was and the things I liked and find a way to weave them into my life. My mind was set on new clients, new revenue streams, a new industry. I wanted to get social and get healthy. I wanted to incorporate more reading, more writing, more of what I love, more Sandra. is the channel through which I explore my life and what I love and I want to share it with the world. After spending years in solitude and isolation, I’m setting myself free, letting my light shine, learning to love me and letting others in to get to know and love me too.

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