Have You Gone MadWoMan?

Do you remember a time when you heard someone’s come up story and it brought you joy or inspiration or a feeling of reassurance? Wouldn’t you love to give that feeling back?


Join me on my mission to inspire millions of people around the world to keep going no matter what obstacles they face.


If you agree, awesome! And I know you already have the perfect story in your head. Don’t worry about editing I’ll take care of that. And don’t hold anything back. Get as deep as you possibly can and only share what you are comfortable with sharing.


I hope you’ll say Yes!!! But I’ll understand if you’re not ready. Just make sure you contact me first when you are 😉


Here are some questions to get you started but it should really be ‘free-styled’ off the top of your head:


  1. Tell me about a time, during the pursuit of building your business, that made you sad or angry.
  2. What did the moment in time feel like?
  3. What did you do to cope?
  4. How did you resolve or what was the outcome? It should be a positive outcome.


You can read more MadWoMan stories here.


I look forward to your story!

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