Have Joy, Patience & Faith

When you’re going through a hard time and facing many challenges, sometimes the best thing you can do is, look forward. Instead of wallowing in the present moment and getting upset about your circumstances, look as far ahead as possible into the future until you can see the silver lining.

Some of the tools you can use to help extend your vision is hope; when you hope for the best that’s usually what you get. Patience, probably should have been the first tool I mentioned because sometimes you need lots of it to get you through tough times. The key is to be patient with God’s timing and not your own idea of when you think things should change. Lastly, is prayer and don’t just pray because it’s something you’re supposed to do, but pray from the deepest crevices of your heart. Dig deep into your soul and pray it out! And bare in mind that prayer without faith and faith without works is pretty much just wishful thinking. You literally have to pour yourself into your prayer and get radical about your faithfulness to a point where you are taking steps towards your dreams everyday, whether you know if they’ll come true or not.

Start to adopt and employ these tools in your life and see how much easier it is to get over the road blocks and obstacles that threaten to hold you back.

Faithful in prayer

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