Stop Waiting For Your Happiness & Create It

What are you waiting for to be happy? Whatever you’re waiting for, just stop. Stop waiting and stop letting your happiness be based on external factors, because the moment you let your happiness rely on someone or something else, then you stand the chance of being unhappy.

Your happiness is strongly dependent on what you define as happiness, while being cautious not to hang that definition on anything outside of your control.

Happiness to me, is doing those things I said I was going to do and looking back at the end of the day and feeling satisfied with what I accomplished. I don’t base my happiness on if this happens or that happens or if he does this or she does that, but I base it on what I do. What I can promise to myself, that I know I’ll come through on. Even if part of my accomplishment is shared with someone else and they fail to do their part, I would still feel satisfied that at least I did my part and the rest was out of my hands.

The best part is that you can create your happiness everyday. Everyday you can decide, that day, what is going to make you happy and put the responsibility of your happiness back in your hands.

Design Your Happiness

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