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If you read my recent post on social media relations then you know how important social media has grown in helping with your PR efforts, but Forbes contributor Robert Wynne gives us a little more insight on social media strategies that work and will get you the exposure and awareness you need to build your brand. In summary, when conducting social media relations: Keep it short Keep it relevant Give more than you receive Explore various platforms, networks and sources (not just Facebook) Read more on Forbes

Building a great media list starts with knowing your audience, knowing their interests and the media they consume. The better you know your audience, is the better your chances of reaching them when you begin to communicate. If you know your audience is made up of young, entrepreneurial women who love fashion and read Vogue magazine, then building your media list will start with finding media, writers, journalist and bloggers who cover womenpreneurs or fashion and who write for Vogue magazine. Then, study what you find. How are the stories written in

If your media relations efforts are not working, perhaps it’s because you continue to manage it the old way, when we have so many new tools and resources to share our stories. With the advent of social media, we no longer have to depend on gatekeepers to decide if they want to tell our story or not. We are no longer limited to the top 4 or 5 publications or networks in our industry to share our story for us and we don’t have to rely solely on phone, fax or

Making connections and getting coverage in the media can be a real challenge if you don’t know what you’re doing but Gwen Elliot wants to help you navigate the waters to not only position you for media opportunities but to get you ready to be on screen, in print or otherwise. Gwen is a media strategist and a TV producer. She’s the producer for The Naked Entrepreneur TV which airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada. Gwen has also been featured in Forbes as a Fierce Female Entrepreneur, The

Yesterday’s virtual conference was packed with so much information and resources, one participant said their head was hurting from the information overload haha. Thankfully, it was all valuable information; we all learned a lot and walked away with a few new contacts as well as ideas for new projects. Below is a replay of the conference. Grab your pen and paper and prepare to take notes! Here are the topics we discuss (in this order). 7 Mindset Tweaks That will Make You More Money and Grow Your Business with Davida

I’m so excited to be invited to be on this panel of internationally recognized business experts tomorrow in the 2nd Annual Positioned for Wealth Virtual Summit! This half-day virtual conference will be packed with information to teach entrepreneurs ways to increase business revenue, attract more customers/clients, prosper during any economic climate, get ahead of the competition, and catapult your business to the next level. You won’t want to miss it 😉 Date: Thursday, August 13, 2015 Time: 9am CST | 10am EST Register today at  

Joshua Conran, Entrepreneur Magazine contributor and Senior Partner at Deksia offers some solid advice on creating your winning brand strategy, but both Joshua and I agree that there is no silver bullet approach to a successful brand strategy. Some times it takes trial and error before you get into a good ‘brand rhythm’ but you can reduce the amount of error if you: Know your story Know your customer Share your story/message far and wide Keep an eye on competitors i.e. offer something they’re not offering Live, eat, sleep and breath

All the things I wanted in my twenties I had by my early thirties … Marriage, three beautiful children, a house , paid off, car and many upper management positions making a salary that meets my needs. I’d be mad to say I wasn’t happy with it all , but I hit the brick wall of unhappiness when I recognized in the pursuit of my dream , I left me behind somewhere on the journey. The worst feeling in the world was living life wearing a mask as I built

It’s funny how we put so much importance on things that don’t matter . . . You may have read in my story how I faced eviction 3 times. Just to clarify, I was not actually evicted, but I did have to go to court to fight to keep a roof over my head. Even though I did not lose my apartment the first 2 times, on the third fight, I decided that it would be best to just walk away. Before I faced those battles, there are a few others I

I wasn’t someone who grew up wanting my own business. I originally organized my agency as a coach, educator and curriculum creator because of an annual business plan contest I learned about a few weeks before its deadline. The contest offered 25k in prizes so was worth a shot. I created a website, commissioned a logo and wrote up a business plan in three weeks. I didn’t win and was determined to have a better plan the next go round. The following year I followed all the rules, upgraded my

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