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I’m sure there are probably a lot of new developments and interesting things happening in your business, but you have to be sure that you don’t miss an opportunity to share the news. Unfortunately, not many know the best times to write a press release so I’m hoping this quick guide will help. You know you need a press release when you’re: Launching a New Product or Service Be sure to include a description of the product or service; why the product or service was created or what benefit it

Congratulations! You’ve created an astounding sponsorship package and got one or more sponsors on board, but this is actually where the real work begins. Sponsors want to know that you have thought above and beyond the scope of their brand and prepared a program that will help them win clients/customers and brand exposure. Biz Bash contributor Jenny Berg says: Years ago, putting a sponsor’s logo on an event program or banner may have been considered adequate acknowledgement for a company’s involvement in an event. But with the advent of the

How do you get journalists and bloggers to write about your start up? How do journalists and bloggers find start ups that are worth writing about? Read my response below then click ‘View on Quora’ to hear from other experts. Read Sandra Gabriel's answer to How do I get press for my start up? on Quora

If you’re thinking of using Public Relations to launch your brand or a new product or service, the below launch checklist might help. In her Fast Company article, Wendy Marx, founder of Marx Communications talks about the disaster that was Microsofts product launch for Windows 7 that featured a video with a group of politically correct people talking about having a launch party for Windows 7. Marx says the key factor behind any successful launch has nothing to do with using the latest cool technology or gimmick and everything to do with

Lately I’ve been sharing a lot about media relations and using various forms of media communications, but I thought I would dive a little deeper and explore what makes a brand newsworthy. It’s important to note that what is news for you, may not necessarily be news for the media. It helps if you read and follow similar stories in the media you want to reach, so you have a good understanding of the kind of stories they publish. One way to determine if your brand is newsworthy is if you are launching

It’s true that when it comes to generating publicity for your business, the media opportunities usually go to the popular and more resourceful brands. That doesn’t mean that startup brands don’t stand a chance. There are still a few ways for new brands to get the exposure they need with little to no budget. Entrepreneur Magazine contributor and CEO of Bode Tree, Chris Myers says: “we’re still a relatively small company focused on the relatively unsexy small-business space.  No one on my team has a background in media, and we’re

If you’ve ventured into the world of PR and you’re looking for ways to communicate with the media, you may have gotten confused about when to use a press release or press kit or a media invite. I’ve compiled this quick guide on the different types of media communications and the best time to use them. Also, if you keep reading, you’ll find a free download of media communications templates and samples. Press Release A press release is used to share an announcement about your brand or any relevant news in your industry

How long would you say you’ve been trying to create wealth and success for yourself? One year, three years, ten years? Whatever the time, it can be frustrating going through the trial and error and getting no where. You probably feel stuck, you’re living pay check to pay check, financial burdens have you under stress and you long to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not to worry, you’re not alone and even better, there is a solution for you in the Mind, Money Miracles program. This

In my blog on How to Build Your Media List, I only briefly touched on the importance of getting to know the media contacts you want to connect with, but it’s actually the first and most important step in creating strong media relationships. Everybody likes to know when someone has taken the time to get to know them and their interests and even more so when you are a journalist or reporter who is inundated with pitches and press releases that for the most part have nothing to do with

Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect with celebrity influencers and have them endorse your brand? In his Inc. Magazine Playbook episode, Daymond John, founder of Fubu, serial entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor says that depends on if the celebrity will make a good match. John encourages us to redefine our idea of a celebrity and to start by looking for celebrities in our own neighbourhood. Earning a solid celebrity endorsement takes a lot of work but do we need to do it all ourselves? Watch the video below for John’s answer and to

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