Almost Human: For Ealy or For The Show?

Do you watch it because it’s a good show or because you want an excuse to swoon over Michael Ealy?


It’s only a couple hours before the American Music Awards comes on tonight and I decide to peek in on the latest show to be added to the Global TV family: Almost Human starring the ever-so-sexy Michael Ealy and Karl Urban (loved him in Star Trek).

Global describes the show as an action-packed police drama set 35 years in the future that centers around the unlikely partnership between a part-machine cop (Urban) and a part-human robot (Ealy).

I describe Ealy’s character as a man with built in Google after I see him perform quick searches and create a dating profile for Urban, just as he stands there.

I generally watch shows that are outside of my regular programming (Young & The Restless, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy) while I work, so I can’t say that I saw it with enough of a critical eye, but from what I saw, it was ok. But I’m thinking that was mainly because Michael Ealy is so easy on the eyes, I might have still watched it even if I HATED IT!

Carla Hay, a celebrity Q&A Examiner, captures an interview with Ealy and Urban and gives a short run-down of the show here.






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