Business & Branding Mentorship


This purchase covers:

  • One 1-hour mentorship session
  • Audio recording of your mentorship session
  • 1 20-minute follow-up
  • Unlimited response to emails within one month (please allow 24-48 hours for response)


A study by found that those who received mentoring increased their revenue by an average of $47,000, or 106% and those who did not receive mentoring only increased their revenue by an average of $6,600, or 14%.

Of course that is just one benefit of mentorship, but the true essence is in the guidance through the challenges and obstacles you will surely face on your entrepreneurial journey.

Avoid pitfalls like:

  • Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars working with contractors who just want to take your money
  • Spending hundreds on tools and resources that don’t suit you or your business
  • Creating a product or service that won’t sell
  • Targeting your marketing incorrectly and completely tarnishing your brand name.

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